Leasing PO*

*premium options


29€ per month

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Offer for private persons:

  • for new clients, signing a lease agreement for the term of 4 years or more;

  • for existing clients with remaining lease term of 4 years or more;

  • available only as an additional service to the leasing agreement (maximum price of the car 70 000 EUR, incl. VAT).

Premium options

ONLY for 29 EUR/month

  • Tyre change and storage

    Throughout the contract period, but not more than twice a year.

    An opportunity to change the tyres and leave them in storage at the UniCredit Leasing partner - SIA "Rīgas Riepu Serviss".

  • CASCO policy own-risk compensation

    Twice during the leasing period.

    In case of insurance event, client has an opportunity to request UniCredit Leasing to repay own-risk amount specified in the CASCO insurance policy. Maximum amount – EUR 150 per request.

  • Financing of tyres and wheel rims

    Financing amount should not exceed 5% of car price.

    An opportunity to receive financing of car tires and/or wheel rims with interest rate equal to the rate in car leasing contract. Supplier of tires and wheel rims must be agreed with UniCredit Leasing.

  • Compensation of losses

    Starting with the second year of leasing contract and not more than 10% of financed amount.

    In case if car has been stolen or total damage has occurred and car leasing debt amount exceeds CASCO insurance compensation, UniCredit Leasing will write off the difference, thus customer will not have to repay it.

  • Grace period

    Starting with the second year of contract.

    An opportunity to grace period for principal payments for a term up to 3 months, paying only interest. Interest rate remains unchanged, there is no additional administration fee for amendments in contract.

  • Cancellation of administration fee for the next car leasing contract

    Save 1.5% on the price of the car, signing next leasing contract.

    If client has not used loss compensation option and has made all the payments during the whole lease term, within six months after the leasing contract has ended the client has an opportunity to conclude a new leasing contract without administration fee charge (equal to 1.5% of car price).